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CN 2747 Capital Campaign Launched on April 19, 2021

Our Goal: To build a protective structure over CN 2747 to help protect the locomotive from the elements, increase security, and provide more opportunities for the public to see, interact, and appreciate the engine.

A colour photo of steam locomotive CN 2747.



Steam locomotive CN 2747 is without question a historically significant railway artifact that is worth preserving for present and future generations in Transcona, Winnipeg, and Canada.





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Saving CN 2747

CN 2747 is an artifact of significant historical importance not only to the community of Transcona but to Canada. It was the first steam locomotive constructed at the Transcona Shops and the first built in Western Canada in April 1926.  After 34 years of service, CN 2747 was retired and placed on permanent, outdoor display in 1960.

For over 60 years, CN 2747 has been damaged to due exposure from the elements, vandalism, and theft.  A thorough condition assessment of the locomotive was completed by GP Heritage Consulting in 2017, and the Transcona Museum has since undertaken necessary preservation work to ensure the stability and longevity of CN 2747.

The goal of the overall preservation of CN 2747 is to bring the engine and tender to a safe, stable, secure, and attractive condition. 

Preservation Work

Since 2018, the preservation of the engine and tender has been undertaken by the SAVE 2747 Committee and its volunteers. Preservation work completed to date includes:

  • Blast cleaning and painting the exterior, completed by Winnipeg Sandblasting.

  • Minor repairs and cleaning.

  • Safety and security measures.

  • Welding repairs completed by Kinetic Machines Ltd.

  • Refinishing small fittings such as gauges from the cab. 

  • Procurement and fabrication of parts.


This work could not have been completed without our dedicated volunteers, many being retired CN employees.  Their knowledge and expertise are invaluable to the preservation project.

Support CN 2747

All donations go towards the ongoing preservation project of CN 2747, as well as the future maintenance and upkeep of the enclosure structure.  We are already grateful for the previous contributions made to the project.

To date, financial support for the overall preservation of CN 2747 has been provided by grants through The Winnipeg Foundation, the Province of Manitoba Building Sustainable Communities Grant, the City of Winnipeg, community fundraising efforts and events, and donations to the SAVE 2747 campaign.


We also acknowledge past support from Wyatt Dowling Insurance on Plessis Road, Portage la Prairie Mutual Insurance Company, CN Pensioners Association of Manitoba, CN Corporate Services 935, and Transcona Friends and Neighbours.


Enjoy viewing a selection of images from the CN 2747 Preservation Project.  These images illustrate the work completed since 2018 by our volunteer crews and contractors, including welding work, restoration work, sandblasting and repainting. If you are interested in joining the project, consider becoming a volunteer.