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Established in 2019, the Transcona Museum Endowment Fund was created to provide a sustainable source of funding to support our mission to preserve and promote Transcona's community history. 


The program, initiated by the Manitoba government, is administered by The Winnipeg Foundation with support from the Association of Manitoba Museums and the Association for Manitoba Archives.

A colour photo of the Transcona Historical Museum.

Your Donations Help to Preserve Transcona's Community History

Donations to this fund are invested in perpetuity and the annual income generated is distributed to Transcona Historical Museum Inc. (Transcona Museum). These funds will be used to support our mission: "to preserve and promote the community spirit of Transcona through the sharing of stories for the benefit of all."

Stretch Funding

As of April 2021, Endow Manitoba through the Manitoba Heritage Trust Endowment Fund (MHTE) will provide stretch money to the Transcona Museum Fund. Our eligible gifts, up to $50,000 will be stretched by the program. For every $2 given to the fund, the program will stretch the gift with an additional $1 (max. of $25,000 in guaranteed stretch per organization). This means a gift of $2 becomes $3. All stretch dollars will be calculated on the eligible gifts received to the fund by September 30 each year.

Donate Today

Making a donation to the Transcona Museum Fund and supporting the preservation of our community history is easy, and it's tax-deductible! Donate today through The Winnipeg Foundation (see the link below). Please contact the Transcona Museum if you have any questions regarding our endowment fund.

A colour photo of the Transcona Museum.

Transcona Museum Heritage Fund

Help preserve your community history today.

Manitoba Heritage Trust Program

Learn more about the program.

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