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In 2019, the Transcona Museum introduced WINDOWS @ 141 to Downtown Transcona.  WINDOWS @ 141 has been created to increase the profile of visual interpretation at the museum by using the building's ground floor windows to create a public photo exhibition.  The windows aim to complement the growing artistic/graphic element seen around Downtown Transcona (the murals) while enhancing the historical knowledge, appreciation, and interpretation of Transcona and its neighbourhood.  All photographs and artifacts featured in the exhibition are courtesy of the Transcona Museum and Archives.


Our Regent Avenue window celebrates the Canadian National Railway's 100th anniversary in 2019 and features images taken at the Transcona Shops, as well as CN-related artifacts.  Our Bond Street windows feature images from around the community of Transcona including Regent Avenue, CN 2747, and Central School.  Additional information on the photos and artifacts is provided below.  QR codes will also direct visitors to this webpage.


This project was made possible by the Heritage Grants Program through the Department of Manitoba Sport, Culture and Heritage,  Government of Manitoba.


Historic buildings dot the landscape of Winnipeg and Manitoba, their original uses long gone but their history still resides within the community.  Some stand as sentinels in the downtowns of separate communities - all part of Winnipeg now - holding onto the stories of their past.  We look into windows to find out what's within, but what if those windows could show us some of the past?


WINDOWS @ 141 strives to accomplish this by pulling from the history of Transcona's community and the stories held within the Transcona Museum and Archives, but available 24/7/365.  Just as all buildings evolve from their original construction, so too will WINDOWS @ 141.  As time goes on, new images and histories will be shared to the public so that history doesn't fade from memory. 



Window Photos


Share with us your images and stories of WINDOWS @ 141 

using the hashtags #windows141 and #transconamuseum on social media.

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