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We are excited to present our Virtual Tour of Transcona Museum, developed in partnership with VR Manitoba. This tour gives visitors access to the museum's exhibit galleries and a collection storage space through your computer or mobile device. The tour can be accessed below or at this link.  Thank you to The Winnipeg Foundation for your support with our virtual tours.  


You can also navigate the tour using a VR headset. Go to this page on your mobile phone (iOS or Android) and select the Google Cardboard icon at the lower right of the virtual tour screen. This will prompt you to download the correct Matterport VR application for your device. Once the app is downloaded, you can download the Transcona Museum's Virtual Tour so you can access it even when you’re not connected to the internet. Insert your mobile device into the headset. Explore the museum by focusing on the translucent dots you see on the screen. It's recommended to use the headset while sitting. Please don't walk around with your headset on! A Google Cardboard headset is not necessary to view our Virtual Tour - the application seems to be compatible with other generic VR headsets provided your phone fits.

2021 - Collecting Transcona, Connecting Manitoba

2020 - Transcona's Railway Journey

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