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The Transcona Museum’s collection is the heart of the museum.  The primary function of the museum’s collection is to document the growth and development of the community of Transcona and surrounding Springfield district through the collection, preservation and interpretation of artifacts and archival materials.  We are also guided in our collecting through our mission statement: “To preserve and promote the community spirit of Transcona through sharing our history and stories for the benefit of all.”  During the 50+ years of its existence, the Transcona Museum has accumulated 53,000+ objects of historical and natural significance.

In 2022, the Transcona Museum received funding to assist with the research and photography or collection through the Province of Manitoba Community Museum Support Grant.

Artefacts Canada

The Artefacts Canada database contains more than 4 million object records and more than 1 million images from Canadian museums. Search their database for more Transcona content.

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