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Do you have a personal treasure, a family heirloom, or a collection of objects, documents, or recordings that you think should be part of the Transcona Museum collections?  The Transcona Museum regularly receives objects that document the growth and development of the community of Transcona and the surrounding Springfield district.

If you have items you are interested in donating, please contact the museum to schedule an appointment with the Museum Curator. Please DO NOT leave any items in our mailbox, as all donations to the collections require paperwork to be completed with the Museum Curator. Thank you.

What to Expect When Donating Items

The value of an object is increased when more is known about it. Who made it? How was it used? How did it come to be in your possession? Does it reflect the growth and development of the community of Transcona? The answers to these questions are important in our decisions to accept objects and archival materials. We also look at the condition of the items, whether or not we already have similar artifacts, or whether the object fits into the mission, vision, or collections policy of the Transcona Museum. Therefore, please understand that we cannot accept all offers.

If you have an object that you wish to donate to the Transcona Museum, we strongly recommend that appointments are made with the Museum Curator so that the above questions can be answered, information gathered, and legal transfer of ownership paperwork completed. If you visit the museum and the Museum Curator is not present, you will be asked to make an appointment and return at a later date. The staff that are not authorized will not be able to accept donations in the Curator’s absence.


Potential objects not accepted into the collection are not permitted to remain at the museum, nor will they be disposed of by the museum. If we are unable to accept your objects, we will try to recommend other relevant institutions that may have an interest. We also do not encourage items to be anonymously dropped off, as ownership is not legally transferred to the Transcona Museum in those situations. 


The Transcona Museum encourages all potential donors to complete an Offer of Donation form. Photos are welcome additions. The purpose of the Offer of Donation form is to gather more information about the offer and for the donor to confirm that they are the legal owner of all the material offered. Please include a complete list of all the items that you wish to donate. The Museum Curator will then review the information to reach a decision or ask more questions if needed. Accuracy and completeness of the information provided will help speed up the review.


For further information, please contact:

Transcona Museum
141 Regent Avenue West
Winnipeg, MB R2C 1R1

Phone: (204) 222-0423

Artifact Loans & Offsite Displays

The Transcona Museum is committed to promoting the community spirit of Transcona, through sharing our history and stories for the benefit of all. This includes the sharing of artifacts and archival materials to other institutions in the community of Transcona, greater Winnipeg, and across Manitoba. Museums, archives, and libraries are eligible to borrow objects from the Transcona Museum collections. Other cultural institutions may be eligible, on a case by case basis.

We are currently rotating objects in three offsite exhibitions at the Transcona Library, Transcona Legion, and the East End Community Club. If members of the public are interested in loaning their personal items for temporary display in these exhibits, please contact the museum for more information by phone or email.  

A colour photo of military artifacts on display in a wooden case.
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