CN 2747 Enclosure Project
Capital Campaign

Help support the development of a permanent structure over this important historical asset in the community of Transcona.

Our Goal: To build a protective structure over CN 2747 to help protect the locomotive from the elements, increase security, and provide more opportunities for the public to see, interact, and appreciate the engine.




The Enclosure Details

The main purpose of the enclosure is to have the engine protected from the elements, vandalism, and theft.  CN 2747 has been on permanent, outdoor display since 1960 and this has caused damage to the overall condition and stability of the engine.  An enclosure will help to extend the lifespan of the engine from less than 10 years (as outlined in a 2017 condition assessment), to long into the future. The estimated construction costs are $492,942. The chosen conceptual design best addresses the preservation and display goals of the project:

  • An all-metal structure reduces combustible materials

  • Metal roof and back wall to reduce exposure to elements

  • No exposed roof trusses to prevent bird roosting

  • An enclosed back wall with two doors for access

  • Open sides and front for visibility of the engine

  • An accessible, ground-level concrete pad

  • A metal staircase to provide safe access to the cab

  • A three-sided, 8-foot-tall fence for security

  • Appropriate lighting throughout the structure

Your Support

We are now beginning to actively solicit donors and sponsorships to help us make this project a reality. The estimated construction costs are $492,942. Donations are tax-deductible. There are different levels of donation available, as well as different elements available for sponsorship.  We would be pleased to discuss those categories and the various means of recognition including, but not limited to:

  • Recognition on the CN 2747 Enclosure Donor Wall (starting at $50)

  • Recognition through media announcements

  • Recognition on the Transcona Museum website and social media

  • Public recognition a the Grand Opening

Your support means that you understand just how valuable preserving CN 2747 is to the community of Transcona, Winnipeg, and Canada.  This project would be difficult to achieve without your support.  We hope we have inspired you to GET ON BOARD.



STATION MASTER ($75,000 +)

City of Winnipeg - Land Dedication Reserve

ENGINEER ($20,000 - $74,999)

Winnipeg Transcona Rotary Club Casera Credit Union Limited* *Pledge installments totalling $20,000

CONDUCTOR ($5,000 - $19,999)

Province of Manitoba- Community Initiative Grant Program Western Financial Group Communities Foundation via Wyatt Dowling Insurance Brokers Canadian National Railways Historical Association (CNRHA)

BRAKEPERSON ($1,000 - $4,999)

Richard Barrett Benevity Community Impact Fund - Jack Moore, Railroaders in the Community CN Corporate Services - Jack Moore & Brent Tingey, Railroaders in the Community Theodore W. Morrison - In Memory of Lorraine Morrison Ken & Paulette Harvey The Harvey Family - Brent and Braiden Trisha / Rylan Liam and Lockelan Joanne Sailor & Dave Cox, Greg & Barb Sailor, and Darlene Beddington - In Honour of William C. Sailor

SIGNALPERSON ($500 - $999)

Beer Boutique CN Transcona Car Department David Poggemiller Western Safety Sign Fred Larkins, Pat Bain, Ray Larkins & Sheila Fortier - In Memory of Walter, Margaret, and Robert Larkins David & Helene Marsh - In Memory of Grace Doods (Bromley)

FLAGPERSON ($50 - $499)

Western Community Foundation c/o Western Financial Group James Derry - In Memory of John Derry K-40 Club of Transcona Victoria Sinclair Anonymous Robert Chapman Devan Ostapyk - The Winnipeg Foundation Charitable Contribution Fund Gordon C. Richardson - In Honour of WC Richardson David Raitt - In Memory of Jim Raitt Alanna Horejda Doug Copeland Laura Cayer - In Honour of Rory Simpson Constance Cousins Jack & Wilma Toet Matthew Komus Glen McLaren James Teitsma Helene Marsh CN Pensioners' Association Helen Kennedy Willam (Bill) G. Tront Gary R. McEwan - In Memory of Gordon Arthur Foster Carriere Law Office Pierre Côté Chad Panting - In Honour of Trains Donald Yaworski Patricia K. Osmond Lawrence Toet Dennis & Annie Teitsma Brent Tingey - In Memory of Linda Syd Hepworth - In Memory of William Harvey Dave August Transcona Major Junior Hockey Club - Transcona Railer Express Louise & David Hedman Don Bailey - In Memory of Frank Hillhouse Anonymous Cathy Lakin - In Memory of Catherine C.J. Lakin Miranda Moore - In Memory of Peter & Janet Perrick Craig Hamblin Kevin & Deb Guthrie Austin Blanchette Matt Lorentz Rick & Paula Walker Terry Johannson - In Memory of Dorothy Johannson Benevity Community Impact Fund - Bev Moore, Railroaders in the Community Alan Forbes Joan & Frank Ryplanski - In Memory of Bill Jonasson Diana Jarvis - In Memory of Dad and Granddad Jarvis Diane Glover - In Memory of Peter Napora Don Larsen Susan Zaikow - In Memory of The Zaikow Family Don & Joceline Ringach - In Memory of William (Bill) Ringach Damian Bilinsky Boom Up Consulting Inc. Thomas Nicholl Peter & Audrey Martin Gail Martin - In Loving Memory of my husband Sir Paul Martin Jack & Isobel Melville Robert & Joann Stalker - In Memory of Michael Gorman Kim Harding - In Memory of The Fuller Family Heather Graham - In Memory of Robert S. Oliver Gordon C. Richardson The Kent Family- In Memory of Borden Kent Karleigh Sciangula - In Honour of The Paskaruk Family Blair Cantafio Patrick Stasica Arthur Cohen - In Memory of Dr. Jack Cohen Susan Styrchak - In Memory of Charles Baker Stefan & Cindy Jonasson - In Memory of Victor O. Jonasson Karen Pokrant - In Honour of Warren Pokrant - a 40 year CN career Darryl Pokrant - In Honour of Warren Pokrant's retirement from CN Roger Whitworth Susanne Johannesson Ken Wasik Steve Bradley Daniel & Luanne Diachun - In Memory of Fred Diachun Bruce & Marlene Candline Susan Richardson - In Memory of Walter and Rose Nelson Larry Kuprowski Ken Young Cheryl Walker Lisa Latour & Cody Pierson Noël Morier David Else Christine Mitchell Don Winters Dauphin Rail Museum & CNR Station Larry Thompson


For information about the Captial Campaign


Transcona Museum

141 Regent Avenue West

Winnipeg, MB R2C 1R1


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