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Major sponsor for the CN 2747 Protective Enclosure
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CN 2747 Enclosure Project
Capital Campaign Closed

We have reached our goal! Thank you for your support.

Thank You!

The Transcona Museum Board and the 2747 Committee announce the successful conclusion of the GET ON BOARD capital campaign that raised funds to support the development of a protective enclosure over the historic steam locomotive CN 2747.  The capital campaign was initially launched on April 19, 2021 – the 95th anniversary of the construction of CN 2747.  

Thank you so much to our donors who contributed to the capital campaign over the past few years.  We deeply appreciate the tremendous generosity of everyone who supported this opportunity to preserve a historically significant railway artifact for present and future generations in Transcona, Winnipeg, and Canada. 

Donations to CN 2747 can still be made to help with future maintenance and upkeep of the CN 2747 structure and the historic locomotive.  For donation inquiries, please contact the Transcona Museum.

There will be an official opening of the protective enclosure in Spring / Summer 2024.  We will provide updates on this exciting event in the following months.  Thank you again.  

Our Goal: To build a protective structure over CN 2747 to help protect the locomotive from the elements, increase security, and provide more opportunities for the public to see, interact, and appreciate the engine.

The Enclosure Details

The main purpose of the enclosure is to have the engine protected from the elements, vandalism, and theft.  CN 2747 has been on permanent, outdoor display since 1960 and this has caused damage to the overall condition and stability of the engine.  The enclosure will help to extend the lifespan of the engine from less than 10 years (as outlined in a 2017 condition assessment), to long into the future. The chosen conceptual design best addresses the preservation and display goals of the project:

  • An all-metal structure reduces combustible materials

  • Metal roof and back wall to reduce exposure to elements

  • No exposed roof trusses to prevent bird roosting

  • An enclosed back wall with two doors for access

  • Open sides and front for visibility of the engine

  • An accessible, ground-level concrete pad

  • A metal staircase to provide safe access to the cab

  • A three-sided, 8-foot-tall fence for security

  • Appropriate lighting throughout the structure

CN 2747 Enclosure Conceptual Design

CN 2747 Enclosure Conceptual Design

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For information about donating to CN 2747 Preservation


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