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The Blizzard of 1966

Fifty-five years ago, on 4 March 1966, a Colorado low brought down a massive snowstorm over Southern Manitoba, including the City of Transcona. The community (along with Winnipeg) got hit with about 35 centimetres of snow that night. The accompanying winds were 110 km/h gusts that caused limited visibility. The howling winds and blowing snow closed roads, schools, stores and businesses. Snow-covered streets trapped cars, trucks and transit buses. The public was advised to stay home.

The headline in The Transcona News on 10 March 1966 read: "Worst Storm In History Hits City". According to the article, Transcona was considered to be the hardest-hit in the Winnipeg Metro Region.

Here is a look at the aftermath of the blizzard in Transcona - click here to watch.

Home video of the blizzard aftermath / TM Archives, TH2017.10.2


Photographs courtesy of the Transcona Museum and Archives.



---. "Worst Storm In History Hits City." The Transcona News, March 10, 1966.

Transcona Museum and Archives.


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