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Welcome to the new Transcona Museum Blog!

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Welcome to the Transcona Museum blog, a place where we will share with you Transcona’s community history and stories from the museum. At this early stage in the blog’s life, we are still developing stories and original content. In the meantime, here is a sneak-peak at some of the blog series and columns we will be published in 2017:

  • 50 in 150: This series will highlight 50 objects from the Transcona Museum collections to celebrate Transcona’s community spirit while reflecting on Canada’s rich history and heritage for the 150th anniversary.

  • A Taste of Transcona: The series will chronicle our adventures in the kitchen as we prepare recipes from the 1964 Cook Book Edition of the Transcona News.

  • Curators’ Corner: Commentary and behind-the-scenes from the Transcona Museum’s curators.

  • Exhibitions and Events: From upcoming exhibitions and public programming, there is always something new to discover and share at the Transcona Museum.

  • Mystery Photos Archive: Can you help us identify any of the people or events depicted in our mystery photographs?

Check back often for updates both here and on our social media pages.

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